About Us

At Rajvir, growth is not on the surface that is merely reflected in numbers in the balance sheet. In fact, it is the opposite.
It is about deeper consolidation. Mindset restructuring and paving the foundations of sustainable growth.


Rajvir Industries Ltd. is an integrated producer of cotton, melange, synthetics, modal, dyed products, compact yarn, flame-retardant, supima, silk, wool, cashmere and angora blends.

The Company’s spinning capacity is of 1,11,840 spindles.

The Company boasts of having a massive collection that encompasses over 8,000 melange/heather shades and a range that covers everything from 100% cotton/organic/ fair-trade, combed yarns, blended yarns (polyester, viscose, modal, spun silk and flame- retardant) melange / heather yarns, modal yarns, synthetic yarns and cheese-dyed yarns.




Melange / Heather Shades

To create and manufacture a customized range of yarns, which are new and innovative, trendy and appealing, yet economical and excite the garment and retail chains both in India and worldwide.

To achieve a zero defect goal while surpassing our vision and to upgrade our research and development, manpower, production, marketing skills, managements at all levels of production to achieve this mission.

Rajvir Industries is also about to embark on a new shirt weight project with 48 looms and supporting finishing equipment to produce around half a million meters of yarn dyed checks/stripes.