Board of Directors


Sri U. K. Agarwal is a graduate and has more than 38 years of experience in the Cotton Industry. He is the Chairman of M/s Rajvir Industries Limited. He is considered to be an expert in the cotton selection process. Besides this, he has acquired considerable expertise in Factory operations, Finance and General Administration.

Sri. Ritesh K. Agarwal

Sri Ritesh Kumar Agarwal, who graduated from the University of Charleston WV, USA in 1993, with specialization in Business Administration, started his business career as Chief Executive Officer, learning his way to higher responsibilities from root level to achieve a command on day to day operations. After a stint in production, he moved forward into the field of Marketing of Yarn. As a Managing Director of the Company, he looks after all the managerial activities besides in-charge for departments including Marketing, Finance, Exports and Production.

Smt. Sheetal B Dave

Smt Sheetal B Dave, is a commerce graduate.