With a dyeing capacity of over seven tonnes of cotton a day. Rajvir's dye house offers both fibre as well as cheese dyeing in various lot sizes to suit your requirements. Computer colour matching is performed by state-of-the-art AGS equipment for all dye lots.

With precision versa cheese winders, radio frequency drying and re-winding with electronic clearers and splicers, Rajvir ensures the supply of dyed yarn which is knot free and suits high speed knitting and weaving machines. This coupled with a diverse range of vessels meet varying requirements in the lot sizes of 1x1, 20x1, 100x1, 200x1, 250x1, 300x4, and 500x1.

Dyeing Plant (Fiber/ Cheese / Cone Dyeing)
100% Cotton & Compact Dyed Yarn 16s - 40s
100% Organic Cot 16s - 60s
100% Viscose & Modal Dyed Yarn 20s - 45s
Modal/Cotton Dyed Yarn (Customized) 16s - 60s