Compact Cotton

Compact Spinning System

The latest addition to Rajvir Industries Limited is a fully automatic Compact Yarn division with auto doffing, link coners and compact machines from the house of Rieter (COM4). This 52000 spindle facility houses state-of-the art equipment like Blowroom, Cards, Ringframes and Combers from Rieter / Trutzschler, Simplex from Zinser and Toyota, Drawframes from Rieter K 44 (COM4) / Suessen with Link coners from Muratec and Schlafhorst (with Quantum contamination clearers).

Also special care for manufacturing contamination controlled yarns is taken by using contamination clearers from Jossi and Loptex. Multiple number of Blowroom lines have been installed to ensure that we can manufacture smaller lots in the compact route with organic cotton, cotton/modal, cotton/viscose and small lots with pima and giza cottons as well, customized for your special requirement

Compact spinning is designed to reduce hairiness in yarn. In traditional spinning fibers in the selvedge of strand emerging from front roller nip do not get fully integrated into yarn because of restriction to twist flow by the spinning triangle. These fibers therefore show up partly as protruding hairs or wild fibers. To overcome this effect, the spinning triangle is nearly eliminated in compact spinning by incorporating a condensing zone after main drafting zone. The condensing zone has a revolving perforated apron with suction underneath. The fibers are collected on the perforated track and thus get condensed. The width of strand under front roller nip is substantially reduced and this enables twist to flow right up to nip

Compact yarn : Compact yarns in Indian, giza and pima cottons with blends of fancy fibres such as Modal (about 600 tons).

100% Compact Cotton (Indian, Pima & Giza) 30s - 60s
100% Organic Cotton 30s - 60s
Compact Cotton / Modal (Customized) 30s - 60s
Fair Trade 30s - 60s