Synthetic Yarn

Time tested expertise meets current trends in our Synthetic division. 25000-spindle strong, this division is dedicated to the production of an exclusive range of Synthetic products in grey/colou/melanger, single/multifold polyester and viscose blends. Modal and blends of Modal are popularly ordered here in a wide count range from clients throughout the world. We also manufacture two ply and multi fold yarns using the latest TFO equipment for managing half the production

Ring Spun Synthetic Spinning System
Viscose 100% (Grey, Mélanges & Fibre Dyed ) 20s - 45s
Polyester / Viscose (Grey, Mélanges & Fibre Dyed ) 20s - 45s
Modal 100% (Grey , Mélanges & Fibre Dyed) 16s - 80s
Modal Blended with Polyester / Viscose (Customized) 16s - 60s
Spun Silk / Modal (Customized) 16s - 60s
FR / Anti-Static (Customized) 16s - 30s