Rajvir Industries Limited, a 119000 spindle enterprise, headed by Shri U K Agarwal, Chairman who has vast experience in the textile industry of over four decades.

Highly respected in the cotton circle world wide, he has been invited to speak and attend various conferences pertaining to cotton and fibre characteristics due to his enormous knowledge in the subject.

A visionary who understood the importance of product diversification and built the company around six different spinning systems suitable for products such as combed cotton blends with Modal, Excel, Organic under one roof, heather / mélange spinning systems, synthetic spinning systems, compact spun systems with State of the Art technology such as auto doffing and link coners and a dye house to support these wide range of products.

Realizing the significance of the backward integration Mr U K Agarwal has set up one of the most ultramodern ginning facility in the state of Andhra Pradesh which not only caters to Rajvir but also caters to other upper end spinning mills in different parts of the World. Utmost importance has been paid for atomization and contamination control in the ginning facility.

With a workforce of 3000 people, the Company has multiplied its growth in the last few years since its inception in the year 2005.