Corporate Governance

Rajvir Industries Limited (RIL) is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance in all its activities and processes.

Corporate Governance is crucial for the very existence of the company as it builds confidence in its investors and other Shareholders. Key elements of Corporate Governance are transparency, disclosure, supervision & internal controls, risk managament, internal & external communications, high standard of safety, health, environment, accounting & service quality.

Your Company always believes that good corporate governance practices enable the management to direct & control the affairs of the company in an efficient manner and to achieve the company's goal of maximizing values for its shareholders. The Company continues to focus its resources, strengths & strategies to achieve its vision of becoming a truly global company. The Company has also outlined the procedures & practices of Corporate Governance that are followed and steps taken to ensure transparency, accountability and integrity.

We are committed to upgrade our system, processes and disclosure norms to achieve high standards Corporate Governance.