Inherent Antimicrobial / Odour Free / Anti-fungal / Feel fresh yarns

Rajvir Industries Limited, one of the leading fashion yarns suppliers has crossed another mile stone in its innovation. We are glad to be the first one to introduce an Inherent Antimicrobial / Anti-fungal / Feel fresh yarns both in raw whites and Heather/Melange yarns for knitting in partnership with Reliance Industries Limited, one of the largest and leading manufacturers of Polyester fibre world-wide. These yarns are available for ready sampling in raw whites and Heathers / Melange. The trial quantities are available in raw whites for ready sampling and for melanges against order for fashion application.

Customers can now be rest assured about their skin, odour, and feel fresh by wearing the Antimicrobial garments and still look fashionable. SILVER has been acknowledged as an antimicrobial metal capable of preventing the growth and even killing many different species of bacteria and fungi as SILVER is incorporated in the fibre there by in yarn in the form of ions, it releases +ve silver ions continuously that break down bacteria cell bodies to prevent further growth of bacteria and thus avoids odour. The advantage of using a silver ions based antimicrobial product is that microbes don’t develop resistance against silver (unlike some finish type organic antimicrobial agents)

Recron Feel fresh may be used as 100% or in blends. It can be used in yarn dyeing or piece dyeing without additional care. It can be used in intimate fabric structures while using in blends.

Some of the key benefits / advantages of Antimicrobial yarns,
  • Anti-Odour and Anti-fungal
  • Helps avoid secondary infections
  • High wash durability
  • Adds value to your existing product range
  • Skin friendly
  • Permanent effect with respect to usability of article (multiple washes, alkali reduction, dyeing and other treatments, such as silicon coating.)
  • Feel fresh up to 50% level with other fibres such as cotton, viscose etc.
  • No stringent additional applications required such as finish on fabric.
  • No other toxic effects during yarn/fabric manufacturing steps.
  • Effective against gram+ve and gram-ve bacteria as well as fungus.
  • Activity retained when blending Recron Feel fresh up to 50% level with other fibres such as cotton, viscose etc.

These yarns meets requirements of International Antimicrobial Test JISL 1902/ISO 20743 and Skin friendly ISO 10993 -10- 2002. Our yarns are suitable for Active wear / Sportswear / Intimate wear / Undergarments /Socks / School and work Uniforms and Essentials wear.